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 Our Service

Okinawa Excursions provides various travel arrangements such as transportation, hotels, and restaurants in Okinawa so that our clients can make finely crafted tours to discover the best of what Okinawa has to offer.  

Services are organized from single arrangements (bus, hotel, local tours, etc.) to all inclusive package tours designed to fit our clients' needs.

 What We Offer ( For Destination Management )

Okinawa Excursions offers travel arrangements for foreign tourists according to our clients' preferences and budgets: 


 ・Buses, private cars  


 ・Local activities 

 ・Tour guides

 ・Combinations of above

 ・One-day bus trips


 ・Island tours

 About Okinawa Excursions

 Okinawa Excursions was established based on two simple concepts:


 ・To make Okinawa more attractive as a world tour destination:


Okinawa, a place generally known for beautiful sea resorts, also has an unique culture of food, music, and nature. Most inbound tourists have not yet fully experienced these aspects of Okinawa due to the language barrier, or mass-produced tour programs. We are ambitious to contribute to improve Okinawa's tourism and hospitality services so that Okinawans can show inbound tourists the real value of Okinawan culture. Okinawa Excursions makes the utmost efforts to help Okinawa to become the world's best travel destination.


・To make inbound tourists feel more comfortable during the stay in Okinawa:


We provide services not only for tourists, but also for any tourism-related companies in Okinawa that receive inbound tourists from overseas. We provide these companies with translation support, and also help them to employ foreign staff so that inbound tourists and tourism-related companies can communicate effectively.

 Company information

Company Name  : Okinawa Excursions Co., Ltd.

Founded            : 30th October, 2015

Address            : 2-Chome 30-2, Shurikubagawacho, Shuri, Naha, Okinawa, Japan 

Founder            : Tomoaki Goeku

Business fields    : Inbound tourism, Foreign language support, Recruiting support

Telephone         : (+81) -98-988-1114

Fax                  : (+81) -98-988-1494

     [CEO profile]

BA, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University 

MBA, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Certified Travel Service Supervisor



Tomoaki began at Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in Tokyo in 2004, and engaged in overseas sales in the petrochemical trading field for 10 years (stationed in Beijing and Shanghai for 2 years). He obtained his MBA at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge in the UK and came back to Okinawa, his hometown in August, 2015 with an ambition to contribute to the Okinawan local economy by improving and promoting inbound tourism businesses.